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Merge Mind, Body, Spirit Whole-Body Connect, Never Isolate.

During our practice, we train our body to explore the dynamic balance between tension and relaxation. It matters less which style we practice. The goal is to adjust our breathing patterns so that our body tells our brain that we are safe. On the other hand, the tension in the brain exhausts a ton of energy — our brain is an extreme fuel-burning machine that if it is busy, our body won’t have much 精 Jing (ancestral/sexual essence) left to be stored in our organs. These spaces are where Qì flows and where our consciousness is carried to ensuring a calm relaxation state; ensuring good health. Training beyond the reliance on weight, force, and speed. It is the practice of the Dao/Tao, or`Way of Life’; understood as the pivotal principle of balance in action. The principle is *Wu-Wei-“effortless action”.


Jīng (ChineseWade–Giles) is the Chinese word for “essence”, specifically kidney essence. Along with  and shén, it is considered one of the Three Treasures San jiao 三寶 of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM. Qi Gong and *Taiji help our brain relax, and it is proven that practicing Qi Gong and *Taiji it helps the body absorb more oxygen and allow more space between joints.


The Benefits

Why, How, Logic

WHY – Body systems are enhanced, strengthened, nourished, revitalized both internally as well as externally toward improved health, longevity, vitality, and physical fitness. The player can experience the co-existent relation between man, nature, and the ability to activate and render daily health through simple yet natural action.

HOW – 1Mind Body Fitness is a self assist fitness therapy that is an experiential, integrative, easily adaptable mapping system toward optimal fitness and wellness. Current health, wellness, and fitness regimes will benefit from the fundamental health assets exposed.

LOGIC – As not all exercises or sports have a powerful effect on internal body health. Martial arts; specifically Tai Chi and Qigong already garner attention; over 3000 years of efficacy. Benefits; easily integrated, alongside instant and immediate result-driven yet obtainable longevity and health. The underlying principles improve and amplify; body regener­ation and rejuvenation, biomechanics, bone health, and internal organ health. Training beyond the reliance on weight, force, and speed.

1MindBodyFitness Overview

The Details

The core of 1Mind Body Fitness is Tai Chi and Qigong to connect and positively influence the body’s physical responses, thereby decreasing stress toward a calm, body, and mental relaxation. Amplifying the principles of “Keep the Mind in One ©”  1Mind Body Fitness revolutionizes and demystifies these concepts assisting with prevention, management, accessibility, and simplicity. Prevention is better than the cure. The main focus of self-care and longevity is to awaken dormant human health and healing potential. Self-care is a very active and powerful choice; to engage in the activities that are required to gain or maintain an optimal level of overall health and longevity. And in this case, overall health includes not just the physical, but the psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual components of an individual’s well-being. The daily chase exhilarates and validates our existence; the same intensity consumes our vitality and mental wellbeing; contributing to the majority of social ills and dis-ease. A map is used to guide us; our thoughts, our goals, directions, and daily life activities. The mergence of design and martial art principles contribute to the better rendering of indigenous knowledge.

Active and Powerful Choices to Gain or Maintain an Optimal Level of Overall Health and Longevity.

Cosmic Healing Way

The Cosmic Healing Way Program in its simplest explanation is; Self Care Daoist Martial Art & Medicine Classics Evolved. Created by Dr. Jeff Lan to assist both beginners and experienced players with an easier learning and acquisition process of skills and ability within merging Daoist Qigong and Meditation techniques. This is done to assist the modern lifestyle as well as the time-constrained obligations normally required within these individual practices. A cohesive program of study and practice fundamentals that stem from within the Daoist principles; found within Traditional Chinese Medicine, Philosophy, and Chinese Martial Arts; (Tai Chi Quan & Qigong as defined). Consisting of both Online Coursework and live immersion learning in person with Dr. Jeff Lan; catering to a broader audience; such as the laypersons, aspiring healers, movement practitioners as well as health professionals who are interested in an experiential exploration of longevity and vitality.  Program courses are exercises, lectures, and tools for self-healing, stress reduction, energy enhancement, emotional balance, vitality, longevity, and spiritual insight. In one phrase, this program teaches you the theory and practice of Vitality, Nourishing-Life-Enhancement, and Prevention Medicine.

cosmic healing way program

Daoist Qigong

Cosmic Healing Way Qigong Program origins are found within the Daoist system. Daoists acknowledged the presence of preventative medicine and the methods of nourishing life as a valuable tool and as a natural process and part of its nature. With roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts, Qigong is traditionally viewed by the Chinese and throughout Asia as a practice to cultivate and balance Qi (pronounced as “chee” as in cheese), translated as “vital life energy”. Qigong or “Qi Exercises” describes a group of practices highly popular in the East and increasingly well known to the West. They involve slow, gentle body movements, breathing exercises, self-massages, and the mental circulation of Qi, with the aim to open the body’s inner channels, provide a free flow of energy, help in healing, and in general create a sense of greater well-being and openness of spirit.


Yang Tai Chi Quan

The practice of Tai Chi Quan trains you to maintain a balance between the two principles of Yin and Yang and Quan as Balance. The principles you learn in Tai Chi Quan should be applied to everything you do throughout your life. Ancient people practiced the Dao, also known as the Way of Living. Every single person without exception has a desire to preserve his or her health. “Many times an illness begins when one is unaware of an imbalance that has subtly begun. This allows a pathogen to accumulate and degenerate the body, progressing to the point where it penetrates the level of the bones and marrow. “Health and well-being can be achieved only by remaining centered with one’s spirit, guarding against squandering one’s energy, maintaining the constant flow of one’s Qi and blood, and nourishing one’s self preventatively. This is the way to a long and happy life.”

Martial Art Therapy

Chinese martial arts, Daoist healing and its philosophies form the basic fundamental building blocks which are beneficial toward the healing Chinese martial arts practices of Tai Chi Quan, Qigong and its complementary, TCM therapy. To achieve more effective results in TCM aka Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is better to practice Taiji and Qigong daily. Taiji, Qi Gong, Tui Na, Bonesetting, Chinese herbs and Acupuncture form the nucleus of TCM. They cannot be separated. In the past, the master not only taught his understudy to fight, but to heal as well. It would be beneficial for the understudy to compliment his art with TCM knowledge; to connect to the body functioning and flow of energy; used for defence against an opponent. For example the very same technique used in the manipulation of joints and accomplishing the “death touch” is easily transformed to assist healing. Tui Na is often called De Da Sun Sang (fall, hit, damage, injury).


Daoist Philosophy

In Traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese martial arts, the Daoist philosophy assists with the deeper layers of experiential and intellectual learning processes. In Daoism, the ultimate goal is to let go of organized societies and human constructs, and to become one with nature. Dao; means the Way or the Path. The basic idea of the Daoists was to enable people to realize that, since human life is really only a small part of a larger process of nature, the only human actions which ultimately make sense are those which are in accord with the flow of Nature; the Dao or the Way. Wu Wei; non-doing or doing nothing. Sounds like a pleasant invitation to relax or worse, fall into laziness or apathy. Yet this concept is key to the noblest kind of action according to the philosophy of Daoism and is at the heart of what it means to follow Dao or The Way. The 4 principles; 1. Simplicity, patience, compassion. 2. Going with the flow. (When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.) 3. Letting Go. (If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to.) 4. Harmony.

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