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Self-care and longevity

Teach Cosmic Qigong

Cosmic Healing Nourishing life Qigong Program

600 Hours Online Teacher Certification Program

Comic Healing Way of Nourishing Life Qigong is a 100% Qigong & Philosophy content-based program

Your Hours and Credentials

600hrs is split into 3 Series of 200hrs each.

  1. Elementary Duan 1 – Junior Instructor
  2. Intermediate Duan 2 – Intermediate Instructor
  3. Advanced Duan 3 – Senior Instructor

Option to continue with an additional 3 Advanced Series of 600hrs of 200hrs each.

  1. Advanced Senior Duan 4 – Advanced Senior Instructor
  2. Advanced Senior Duan 5 – Advanced Senior Instructor
  3. Advanced Senior Duan 6 – Advanced Senior Instructor

Self Care And Community

In its simplest explanation is; Self Care Daoist Martial Art & Medicine Classics Evolved. Created by Dr. Jeff Lan to assist both beginners and experienced players with an easier learning and acquisition process of skills and ability within merging Daoist Qigong and Meditation techniques. This is done to assist the modern lifestyle as well as the time-constrained obligations normally required within these individual practices. Our courses cross-refer to expand upon the knowledge base of both teachers and potential students.


100% Qigong Content-Based Program

Daoist Qigong can be complex to master. Integration of Chinese medicine, philosophy, and culture makes it a lifelong study.

Dr. Jeff Lan has navigated these complexities and rendered a step-by-step proactive approach toward achievement and results for both his students, instructors, and patients alike.

Why teach cosmic healing qigong?

Caters to aspiring healers, movement practitioners, health professionals

Our courses are designed to support healing in yourself and others, building resilience during times of change and beyond. Teachers are encouraged to start at the beginning regardless of experience; so they do not miss out on the core fundamentals. This is a beneficial approach to enhance experiential teaching qualities which enhances the teach, learn approach. Limited experience? It is always best to start where you are able to cope and enjoy the journey of learning and amplifying abilities.  The Secret to mastering Qigong and any of these arts is to learn slowly and methodically at a proactive pace. When one chases the acquisition of Qi it evades you; this is the reality of Qigong training.

Self-care as a self assist fitness therapy, is crucial to our daily health. 1MindBodyFitness focuses on the whole body connect. Mind, body, spirit, is easily integrated and adapted to current health, wellness, and fitness regimes. Many underestimate how much they can benefit by taking advantage of this growing trend. Believe it or not, this natural movement fitness will astound the average number of people training daily, as to how effective, it can be. Not all exercise or sports have a powerful effect on the internal organ, mind, and body health. Besides, this system has a proven history of effectiveness. As an industry instructor, you are able to expand your offerings. You would not want to miss out.

Comic Healing Way of Nourishing Life Qigong is a 100% Qigong content-based program.

This is not a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)Program.

TCM is explained within the context of need and usage and will be expanded upon as a subject on its own where needed.

In one phrase, this program teaches the theory and practice of Vitality, Nourishing-Life-Enhancement, and Prevention Medicine. 

Self-Care Longevity and the ability to awaken dormant human health and healing potential is the main focus.

Overall health includes not just the physical, but the psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual components of an individual’s well-being.

A Self-Paced progression is needed when learning with us.

On completion of each series, you will be certified to teach.

Internationally recognised accreditation can be obtained by doing the prescribed Health Qigong Series under the auspices of the International Health Qigong Federation IHQF.

The difference between the student and the teacher course. Both programs follow the same principles, course content, and practice. The teacher’s course has more Advanced Qigong patterns and in-depth theory to study alongside a minimum requirement of 200 hours; per series; over a prescribed time of self-paced intense practice and training. The Full Program is covered from Elementary(200hrs), Intermediate(200hrs) to Advanced(200hrs). The teacher’s course also allows for higher skills and ability progression assessment on completion of each level of achievement. This is done by the trainee teacher submitting a video recording at the final phase at each level of practice. Each course caters to a set of pre-booked live teachers’ webinar access.



Learning to progress efficiently

1. Follow the program step by step to achieve maximum results and benefits.

2. Pay a lot of attention to the basics foundation, do not rush in learning.

3. Empty your cup each day(allow daily change to happen without emotional attachment to progress and achievement) when training

Skills & Ability Gain

Understand And Apply Self-Healing
Enhance The Practitioners Healing Ability
Unify The Mind
Congenital Nature and Congenital Life Force
Connecting Jing – Qi – Shen
Understanding Ones Emotion From Negative Energy To Positive Energy
Cultivate And Nourish The Qi
Technical Details On How To Sink The Qi In Lower Dantian
How To Execute Dantian Breathing
While Assuming Postures, Sitting, Standing, or Lying Down, At Work
Understand the Process of Grounding


Understanding of the Mind will

Explore your True Heart

Awaken your Life force

Connect the five senses, form, action, perception, mind, and consciousness

Embrace the principle and concept of; Keep The Mind in ONE

Embracing emptiness into a single idea

Understand your personal and client self-care and healing

Circulating Qi in the meridians and collaterals

Restoring Qi to its normal function

Sinking Qi deep into the Lower Dantian


To Acquire Calmness and Clarity

To Balance Heart Emotion

To Nourish Qi in the Cauldron

To Unify Mind Will and Congenital Nature

Harmonise the Three Dantian

Transform Jing to Qi to Shen

Unlocking The Three Healing Codes

Enhance Qi and Blood Circulation

Nourish Yin to Control Yang

Harmonising Fire and Water

Think this is too intense for you to start teaching? Not to worry we have you covered try the Health Qigong option. It’s simpler to start and get going initially to start your teaching career.

The Cosmic Healing Way Qigong Program can be your add-on once you get going. Remember the Cosmic program is not a substitute nor replacement; it is the proper Classical Knowledge Heritage training everyone dreams of doing but does not have access to.


200 Hours Per Series (2.5hrs per day for 6 mths)

Compulsory Series @ 3 Months

Elementary – Junior Duan 1

Intermediate – Intermediate Duan 2

Advanced – Senior Duan 3

Optional Series @ 3 Months

Advanced – Advanced Senior Duan 4

Advanced – Advanced Senior Duan 5

Advanced – Advanced Senior Duan 6

Topic Syllabus

Students cover fewer topics. 

Elementary Series

Technicalities Pre & Post Warm-Up

Posture Alignment Seated

 Keep The Mind in One 1 = 9 postures – Level 1

Posture Alignment Standing (Zhan Zhuang Basics)

Three Healing Codes

Micro Cosmic Breathing – Du Mai 1  to 3

Micro Cosmic Breathing – Ren Mai 1 to 3

Classic Lui Zi Jue

Zhan Zhuang 1 to 7 Part A & B

Zhang Zhuang -Energizing & Issuing Qi 1 to 10

Classic Ba Duan  Jin

6 Healing Breaths

Yuan Qi Shen Gong 1 to 11(Nourishing Destiny Qi)

Elementary Theory:

Daoist Philosophy Levels 1 to 5

(video lessons, mp3 talks, reference notes where needed)


Junior Instructor

Intermediate Series

This series adds-on to Elementary

Keep The Mind In One  1 to 33 Postures Level 2

Five Element Qigong

Yi Jin Jing

Shi Ba Taiji Gong 1 to 18 Postures

Keep The Mind In One 1 to 17 Postures Level 3

Intermediate Theory:

Daoist Philosophy Levels 6 to 10

(video lessons, mp3 talks, reference notes where needed)


Intermediate Instructor


Advanced Series

This series adds-onto prior 2 series

Keep The Mind In One  1 to 5 Postures Level 4

Keep The Mind In One  1 to 7 Postures Level 5

Keep The Mind In One  1 to 7 Postures Level 6

Keep The Mind In One  1 to 5 Postures Level 7

Xi Sui Jing

Revision And More In-Depth Understanding Of The Whole Syllabus

Fukien White Crane

Five Elements – Wai Gong

Advanced Theory:

Daoist Philosophy Levels 11 to 16

Revision And More In-Depth Understanding Of The Whole Syllabus

Keep In One

Moral & Ethics

Understanding of Congenital Mind Will

Understanding of Congenital Nature

Understanding of Congenital Vita Vapor

Shang,,  Zhong & Xia Jiao  Dan Tian

Jing Qi Shen

(video lessons, mp3 talks, reference notes where needed)


Senior Instructor


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