cosmic healing qigong program

cosmic healing qigong program

Step by step process to understand preparation for Cosmic Healing Qigong Meditation


  1. Understanding of the Mind will
  2. Explore your True Heart
  3. Awaken your Lifeforce
  4. Connect the five senses, form, action, perception, mind, and consciousness
  5. Embrace the principle and concept of; Keep The Mind in ONE
  6. Embracing emptiness into a single idea
  7. Understand your personal and client self-care and healing
  8. Circulating Qi in the meridians and collaterals
  9. Restoring Qi to its normal function
  10. Sinking Qi deep into the Lower Dantian


  1. To acquire calmness and clarity
  2. To balance heart emotion
  3. To nourish Qi in the cauldron
  4. To unify mind will and congenital nature
  5. Harmonise the three Dantian
  6. Transform Jing to Qi to Shen
  7. Unlocking the; Three Healing Codes
  8. Enhance Qi and blood circulation
  9. Nourish Yin to control Yang
  10. Harmonising Fire and Water
  • Wear loose comfortable clothes. Have a meditation pillow/seat/chair according to need.

Learning progression:

  • Follow the program step by step to achieve maximum results and benefits.
  • Pay a lot of attention to the basics foundation, do not rush in learning.
  • Empty your cup each day(allow daily change to happen without emotional attachment to progress and achievement) when training


Module 1 Keep The Mind In One 1-9 steps (Level 1 of 7)
Lesson 1 Technicalities Tutorial of 1 -9
Lesson 2 Keep The Mind In One 1-9 practice Video
Lesson 3 Keep The Mind in One - Notes
Lesson 4 Audio Philosophy on Keep The Mind In One
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