cosmic healing qigong program

cosmic healing qigong program

Classical Liu Zi Jue or Six Healing Sounds:

This form of Qigong has an origin from 420 to 589 AD when Tao determined that there are six different ways/sounds to exhale, which forms different vibrations that affect different organs. These vibrations assist in rectifying/balancing the function of these organs.

The sounds were prescribed to be used to treat various ailments such as lung and heart disease. Later (1368 to 1644 AD) it was documented that combining these sounds with gentle graceful movements then improves the health of the different organs and related issues:

XU for liver, HE for heart, SI for lungs, HU for spleen, CHUI for kidneys, and XI for regulating heat in Sanjiao (the term for the three bodily zones: Upper chest, thorax, and abdomen).

Key features:

The breathing and the movements together facilitate the cultivation of energy. The movements also enhance muscles and bones for general health and fitness.

The execution of the movements requires gentle flow and grace, bringing one into a calm yet dynamic state, improving circulation of Qi and functions of internal organs.

The practice requires that the mind follow the circulation of Qi that follows the movement. The movements do not require intensive physical strain or spiritual striving and are safe to do and simple to learn, thus accessible to young and old.


Module 1 Classical Liu Zi Jue or Six Healing Sounds
Lesson 1 Video Liu Zi Jue
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