Choose to train face to face or via Livestream. We will add more times as we grow.

  • Every Monday
  • 10 am or 6.30 pm (choose a timeslot)
  • Starting with Six Healing Qigong Sounds

NB: Book 24 hours in advance to obtain login details. Choose to train face to face or via Livestream. Livestream is similar to you coming into a lesson we provide you with private login and you join in the session at that time and day.


  • The student and the teacher course follow the same principles of the course content and practice.
  • The teacher course has more advanced Qigong patterns and theory to study alongside a minimum requirement of hours of intense practice and training per series.
  • The teacher’s course also allows for progression assessment on completion of each level of achievement.
  • This is done by the instructor submitting a recording of the final phase at each level of practice along with prescribed pre-booked live teachers’ webinar access.
Module 1 Health Qigong Lessons
Lesson 1 Six Healing Sounds follow along
Lesson 2 Six Healing Sounds Music Narration
Lesson 3 Six Healing Sounds No Narration
Lesson 4 六子爵 Six Healing Sounds Mandarin Narration
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