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Simply Qi

Simply Qi

Self Care For Busy People

Simply Qi – Relax, Restore, Revitalize

Being resilient in times of crisis by learning how to be flexible and adapt to changes while remaining calm and focused. Work-Life Integration is an obtainable ability and not solely a skill. By adapting to your environment and the people in it, you are in a better position to find an effective way to guide a team to achieve specific goals.

These sessions are geared toward those we are constrained for time but seek authentic knowledge access. in a more simplified and accessible way without the complexities of old-school teaching constraints.

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Module 1 Simply Qi – Relaxation & Breathing Techniques
Lesson 1 Overview - A Busy Persons Qigong  - Preview
Lesson 2 Simply Qi - How To Relax  - Preview
Lesson 3 Pre Natal Breathing Technique
Module 2 Yuan Qi Shen Gong
Lesson 1 Raising Qi up to chest and Lower Dantien
Lesson 2 Rowing Cauldron
Lesson 3 Silk Reeling
Module 3 Shi Ba Tai Chi Gong Fa
Lesson 1 Stimulate Chongmai Channels
Lesson 2 Opening Upper Burner
Lesson 3 Restore Yang Qi
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