tai chi online lessons

tai chi online lessons

Tai Chi stepping is Yin and Yang at play; it is another key factor toward health acquisition. Tai Chi or internal Martial Arts; cultivate an inner awareness of what is happening in our physical bodies. Training beyond the reliance on weight, force, and speed. It is the practice of the Dao/Tao, or way of Life’; understood as the pivotal principle of balance in action. The principle is *Wu-Wei-“effortless action”. Yin and Yang at play; by the transformation of the energies of the universe. The principles improve and amplify; body regener­ation and rejuvenation, biomechanics, bone health, and internal organ health.

Video tutorials - Module 3, 4, 5

  • Legs foundations - Leg exercises, Moving stepping, Brush knees, Single Basic Pong Lu Ji  An
  • Form Sequences - 4 Cardinal directions, 4 Diagonal Directions, The Five Elements
  • Short-form intro 1 to 6

These basics can be implemented into any martial arts and movement application. Posture alignment forms the building blocks needed for progressive training and forming the basic fundamental building blocks needed for any daily physical activity such as standing, walking sitting, etc as well as for practitioners during treatment of clients during therapy. View follow up lessons on progressive training,


Module 1 How to do Tai Chi Stepping - Leg Foundation
Lesson 1 1 - 5 to build the inner strength of the legs
Lesson 2 Continuous stepping applying full & empty principle
Lesson 3 Combining the moving steps with the upper body
Lesson 4 Ward off, rollback, press & push
Module 2 Tai Chi Form Sequences
Lesson 1 The 4 Cardinal Directions
Lesson 2 4 Diagonal Directions
Lesson 3 The Five Elements
Module 3 Short Form - 1 to 6
Lesson 1 Start of Short Yang Tai Chi Form
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