tai chi bunlde

tai chi bunlde

Yang Tai Chi Quan Elementary Series

Full Package

  • Access all your courses in your account once logged in.
  • Self-paced study at your leisure.
  • There is an allocated time per module and units that will be prescribed to assist your progress.

This program offers the subscriber access to both the online tutorials and live video or face lessons. The choice to attend online training face to face or via Livestream. Once you are subscribed you will be invited to the online private access. This lesson is an immersion into the idea and process of how to go about training and practicing. You are able to choose to train face to face or via Livestream. Livestream is similar to you coming into a lesson we provide you with private login and you join in the session at that time and day. NB: Book 24 hours in advance to obtain login details.

Module 1 Tai Chi Elementary Series Subscription
There are no units in this module.
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