Teacher Health Qigong – Eight Section Brocade

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ba-duan-jin 1mindbodyfitness.com

Health Qigong Be A Teacher

The Teachers Health Qigong Program with information professionally presented by the Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA) and the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF) in Beijing. The program is an online step-by-step technical pre-recorded tutorial program.
4 Elementary forms form the required allocation for an instructor merit award. Only 1 form is presented at each assessment/Chih level.
Each form will have a teacher technical assist additional allocation of Live Webinars via Livestream or face-to-face; which does not form part of this program. Find details at this link

Module 1 Eight Section Brocade (Ba Duan Jin) Teachers - English & Mandarin
Lesson 1 Instructor Technical Details English - Part 1
Lesson 2 Instructor Technical Details English - Part 2
Lesson 3 Eight Section Brocade follow along
Lesson 4 Eight Section Brocade Music English Narration
Lesson 5 Eight Section Brocade Music (No Narration)
Lesson 6 Instructors Technical 普通话 (Mandarin) Part 1
Lesson 7 Instructors Technical 普通话 (Mandarin) Part 2
Lesson 8 Eight Section Brocade Music 普通话
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