Instructors Elementary Cosmic Healing Way Program

teach cosmic qigong now online

teach cosmic qigong now online

200 Hours Per Series (2.5hrs per day for 3 mths=+-225hrs)

in its simplest explanation is; Self Care Daoist Martial Art & Medicine Classics Evolved. The techniques taught are unique to Dr. Jeff Lan and his experiences and research. They are easily integrated and accessible to everyone; from students, business persons, yoga instructors, martial artists, healers, and self healers. Everyone can benefit regardless of experience at any age and fitness level. Details found in the link attached.

Elementary Series

  • Technicalities Pre & Post Warm-Up
  • Posture Alignment Seated
  •  Keep The Mind in One 1 = 9 postures – Level 1
  • Posture Alignment Standing (Zhan Zhuang Basics)
  • Three Healing Codes
  • Micro Cosmic Breathing – Du Mai 1  to 3
  • Micro Cosmic Breathing – Ren Mai 1 to 3
  • Classic Lui Zi Jue
  • Zhan Zhuang 1 to 7 Part A & B
  • Zhang Zhuang -Energizing & Issuing Qi 1 to 10
  • Classic Ba Duan  Jin
  • 6 Healing Breaths
  • Yuan Qi Shen Gong 1 to 11(Nourishing Destiny Qi)

Elementary Theory:

  • Daoist Philosophy Levels 1 to 5
  • (video lessons, mp3 talks, reference notes where needed)


Module 1 Teachers Elementary Cosmic Healing Qigong Program
There are no units in this module.
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