Tui Na, Bonesetting, Chinese herbs, and Acupuncture forming the nucleus of TCM.

They cannot be separated. In the past, the master not only taught the student to fight but to heal as well.

It would be beneficial for the student to complement their training of the art with TCM knowledge; to connect to the body functioning and flow of energy; as used for defense against an opponent.

For example, the very same technique used in the manipulation of joints and accomplishing the “death touch” is easily transformed to assist healing.

Tui Na is often called De Da Sun Sang (fall, hit, damage, injury) is one such method; specifically dealt with in the Chinese martial arts/Kung Fu style of *Chin Na/Qinna. 

All martial arts contain *Chin Na techniques in some degree.

Module 1 Tui Na & De Da Introducing Chinese Martial Art Therapy Massage
Lesson 1 Keeping the practitioner healthy for Tui Na practice
Lesson 2 Intermediate Manipulation Techniques for Tui Na
Lesson 3 Advanced Manipulation Techniques of Tui Na part 3
Lesson 4 Chinese Martial Art Therapy Massage PDF
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