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Self-care and longevity


Health Qigong



Live Online & Face Coach Certification Program

Health Qigong An Easy Access Learning of Qigong; Old School Classics Adapted To Modern-Day

Earn Your Instructor Merit

  • Spend Minimum Acumulative 15hrs Per Routine (can be done via online lessons, self-paced videos, or/& face classes)
  • Choose Any 1 of 3 routines To Obtain National Instructor Merit
  • First Qualification is Chih Level 1, continue to obtain 2 & 3
  • Achieve all 3 Chih Levels To Obtain Duan Levels.
  • Duan Levels = International Coach Credentials!
  • Train with International Coaches
  • Travel & Train Worldwide

Prior experience in Qigong or Kung Fu will speed up the learning process.

None-Coach Subscription

subscribe sa health qigong association

Coach Subscription

sahqa coach subs


Health Qigong Teachers Program

Learning to progress efficiently

1. Do 1 Routine at a time and qualify to teach

2. Follow the program step by step to achieve maximum results and benefits.

3. Pay a lot of attention to the basics foundation, do not rush in learning.

4. Empty your cup each day(allow daily change to happen without emotional attachment to progress and achievement) when training


It Isn’t Just A Fad

It’s For All Ages

Full Body & Joint Stretch

Thinking Power

Depression Management

Reduces Risk Of Falling In Older Adults

Beneficial For Sufferers Of Breathing Disorders

Aerobic Capacity

Internal Organ Health

Better sleep

Decreased stress, anxiety, and depression

Improved mood

Improved aerobic capacity

Increased energy and stamina

Improved balance, and agility

Improved muscle strength and definition, etc.

Collab: SAHQA & IHQF coaches – Ms. Amanda Lan, Professor Li Zheng En, Dr. Jeff Lan, Mr. Zhang De Ming, Dr. Chen Chang Le.

Six Healing Sounds

Eight Section Brocade

Sinew Tendon Qigong

Five Animal Routine

Be A Coach

Qualify In 1 Routine & Start Teaching

Your Hours and Credentials

Merit and Certification

First Qualification is Chih Levels 1 to 3 To Earn Merit Toward Duan Levels.

  1. Learn 4 Routines Online or face-to-face
  2. Spend Minimum 15hrs Per Routine
  3. Choose Any 1 of 3 To Obtain National Instructor Merit
  4. Book Live Assist Webinars or Face-To-Face With International Coaches
  5. Compulsory Live Assessment 
  6. Compulsory Submission – Video Clip of You Performing The required routine as directed.

Upon completing all of the above you earn;
National Coach Certifications for Level applied i.e. 1,2 or 3 under SAHQA/IKLWC.
Duan Levels are awarded by IHQF. Keep Coach subscriptions up to date to continue to benefit.

*There are 2 main methods for converting Chinese into English characters are:
Wade Giles – T’ai Chi Ch’uan & Ch’i Kung or Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung Pinyin – Taijiquan & Qigong or Taiji Quan and Qi Gong

The 4 Routines

To Obtain Chih Levels 1 to 3

6 healing sounds qigong
8 brocade qigong
sinew tendon qigong
5 animal qigong

Advanced Routines

To Obtain Duan Levels (Includes Chih Level Routines)

shierduanjin qigong
dawu qigong

Health Qigong Coaches Program

Merit and Certification; 4 Routines, Assessment Webinars & Video Submission to Qualify

Qualifications: Chih Levels 1 to 3, To Earn Merit Toward Duan Levels.

Prior experience in Qigong or Kung Fu will speed up the learning process. If you have no prior experience do one level and qualification at a time.

The Bundle is an all-access and cost-saving option for those who wish to fully qualify on Chih All Levels from 1 to 3

Teaching Health Qigong

Health Qigong is easy to access toward learning any form of Qigong; from the old school classics to modern-day adaptations thereof.

It is well suited for individuals who struggle with finding a routine, have an overactive spirit, or mastering the combined action of meditation, breathwork, and technicalities associated.

Not interested in teaching. You are welcome to train and receive merit without having to teach.

The methodology used is simplified steps toward acquisition. First, learn the sequence, next fix technicalities while applying the 3 regulation adjustments.

Our uniqueness; besides over 30 years in Qigong practice? We take it a step further by applying the “old school” principles for profound therapy in action.

Start at the beginning regardless of experience, It is always beneficial to approach with the view that you would be teaching one day. Always ask the question how well do you know the technicalities to teach it if required to do so.

Why teach Health Qigong?

Caters to aspiring healers, movement practitioners, health professionals

Updated and Informed By Association

IKLWCentre is a representative of officiating standards and credentials in Cape Town, South Africa. Internationally South African Health Qigong Association – (SAHQA) is affiliated to the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF) and Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA) whom allows SAHQA to have a structure that is Associative and Technical. Our coaches are technically qualified to assist to teach, adjudicate, and merit any member of SAHQA regardless of worldwide location. Dr Jeff Lan is Head Coach of the International Kim Loong Wushu Centre (IKLWC), an international 6th Duan IHQF Instructor, and a 9th Duan World Organisation of Wushu Kung Fu Masters (ch180057). Amanda Lan co-owner of IKLWC and an international 4th Duan IHQF Instructor.


SAHQA & IHQF Explained

South African Health Qigong Association (SAHQA) is a national sports social organization engaging Health Qigong generalization, popularization, and research. It is a registered organisation promoting and teaching Health Qigong as a form of fitness exercise and health enhancing routine. Dr. Jeff Lan has been requested and authorised by the Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA) and International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF) of China to initiate and establish the SAHQA and has been sanctioned by the CHQA and IHQF as an instructor of Health Qigong. Be a SAHQA member by contributing to the reasonable annual subscription. Start with the program on this page, continue training with online lessons or attend lessons live or online, complete routines 1 to 3 to qualify for the junior instructor, and access international merit. You can assess after each routine. Complete the hours stipulated and you ready for assessment and merit.

Be Part Of Our International Network

Be part of a Worldwide network of like-minded Health Qigong individuals. Stay updated and be recognised for merits earned. Have access to the latest Academic Research, Exchanges, and Developments. Instructors are encouraged to participate in international competitions and activities of Health Qigong, to develop the international technical standards of Health Qigong, to formulate the training plan and management of Health Qigong athletes, coaches and referees. By partaking in these activities the coaches never run out of information to share with thier students.

TCM is explained within the context of need and usage and will be expanded upon as a subject on its own where needed.

In one phrase, this program teaches the theory and practice of Vitality, Nourishing-Life-Enhancement, and Prevention Medicine. 

Self-Care Longevity and the ability to awaken dormant human health and healing potential is the main focus.

Overall health includes not just the physical, but the psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual components of an individual’s well-being.

A Self-Paced progression is needed when learning with us.

On completion of each series, you will be certified to teach.

The difference between the student and the teacher course. Both programs follow the same principles, course content, and practice. The teacher’s course has more Advanced technicalities and in-depth theory to study alongside a minimum requirement of hours; over a prescribed time of self-paced intense practice and training. The teacher’s course also allows for higher skills and ability progression assessment on completion of each level of achievement. This is done by the trainee teacher submitting a video recording at the final phase at each level of practice. Each course caters to a set of pre-booked live teachers’ webinar access.

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