A Simple Qigong approach for busy people. When time is an issue but self-care is a major concern.

  • 8 part short explainer videos (Total time: 17.33 minutes)
  • Key meridian points, ailments, and methods are explained.

Self-care is a very active and powerful choice, to engage in the activities that are required to gain or maintain an optimal level of overall health and longevity. Assisting to help you create peace and strength effectively through relaxation, regeneration, and movement theory. Whether you are on a business trip or have a full day of meetings, the gentle exercises are quick to learn and easy to integrate into your schedule. They can be trained everywhere, are fun, and the first results are visible and felt in a very short time.


Relaxation & Breathing – Pre Heaven (Xian Tien)

  1. How To Relax Head to Toe
  2. How To Do Qigong Breathing Techniques

Yuan Qi Shen Gong – Destiny / Original Qi

These are 3 simple sets that follow the 2 prior explainer videos 

  1. Raising Qi up to the chest and Lower Dantien
  2. Rowing Cauldron
  3. Silk Reeling

Shi Ba Tai Chi Gong – 18 Tai Chi Works System

These sequences follow in the recommended practice method series. So it is advisable that you practice each daily to gain the full benefits of the practice. Should you find time is an issue to do all you may select 1 to 2 moves to practice until you are able to resume the full series in its recommended order.

  1. Stimulate Chongmai Channels
  2. Opening Upper Burner
  3. Restore Yang Qi

Read more about Business Qigong on our blog https://1mindbodyfitness.com/business-qigong/

Enjoy the journey exploring your potential.


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