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Coach Webinars


Book Your Live Assist Webinars or In-Person With International Coaches (Recommended for assessment)

Get your bulk sessions discount your subscription!

Upon completing of required webinars and assessments you are issued with certification;

1. National Coach Certifications for Level 1,2 or 3 under SAHQA/IKLWC.

2. Duan Levels are awarded by IHQF.


Merit and Certification – Chih Levels 1, 2, and 3

To Earn Merit Toward Duan Levels.

  1. Learn Routines Online or face-to-face
  2. Spend a Minimum 15hrs Per Routine
  3. Choose Any 1 of 3 To Obtain 1st National Instructor Merit
  4. Book Live Assist Webinars or Face-To-Face With International Coaches (Recommended for assessment)
  5. Compulsory Live and Video submission assessment
  6. Achieve all 3 Chih Levels To Obtain Duan Levels.
  7. Duan Levels = International IHQF Coach Credentials!
  8. Train with International Coaches
  9. Travel, Train & Teach Worldwide

PS: Webinars and Assessments are extra charges to obtain certification.

Health Qigong Teacher Program


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