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Shaolin 12 TanTui Book & Video Series


This Series includes:

  • Pdf Book 
  • 12 part Video Demonstration Series

This purchase includes a book describing the histology and details on the subject. The videos display the rare version of the 12 sequences and partner workout as demonstrated by Dr. Jeff Lan and his son Jefferson Lan. Practicing Tan Tui is strongly advised for all beginners, as it forms a fundamental base and serves to lay the foundation for all the essential basic groundwork of *Gongfu practice. Mastering the Tan Tui style, one is able to master traditional Chinese *Gongfu in general, and to progress and learn many other styles and forms. Performed by Dr. Jeff Lan and Jefferson Lan


Song of the Shi Er Tan Tui
Strike forward with a single fist in advance position.
Hit the enemy with both fists crossed.
Knock the enemy’s head with your body turning backward.
Strike with the fists and kick the enemy with the feet.
Protect your head and hit the enemy’s chest.
Strike with both fists; prostrating legs.
Hit the enemy’s ear with one fist and kick him hard.
Protect your head and groin with the fists.
Hold the fists together and separate them.
Kick your enemy with the foot as you hit him with an arrow.
Strike sideward with hook fists.
Recover the original position.

Tan Tui style builds up the body due to its strenuous demands for low body height, precise movements, and forceful execution. Teaching combat skills such as springing, kicking, stamping, sweeping, thrusting, grappling, punching, pushing, hooking and sticking, etc. Body mechanics are coordinated so that maximum force is issued with smooth effectiveness and efficiency.


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