Tai Chi Elementary 3


Technicalities of Tai Chi is important to activate the required detail to acquire the full health benefits and effects of the practice. The first few moves are repeated throughout the forms with slight variations in a few cases as one progresses.  By completing the first few Elementary phases you will acquire a fair mastery of your abilities in execution if you are persistent.


The Art of Tai Chi is to help us to separate the yin and yang of the body while in motion, within this stillness it helps to harmonise yin and yang, allows activation of the meridians and collaterals, enhances the regulation and flow of Qi and blood circulation, balance and stabalise the central equilibrium and much more factors will be amplified.

Both Tai Chi and Qigong is known as preventative therapy exercise. Although tai chi is slow and gentle and doesn’t leave you breathless, it addresses the key components of fitness. The practice of Tai Chi Quan trains you to maintain a balance between the two principles of Yin and Yang and Quan as Balance. The principles you learn in Tai Chi Quan should be applied to everything you do throughout your life. A warm-up session is an essential and prior need before the commencement of any form of movement practice. This prevents any gently / soft injury from occurring during practice.

Video tutorials;

  • Yang Tai Chi Form – Moves 1 to 6

Dress in loose attire

We have face to face lessons livestream as well.


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