Teacher Health Qigong – Five Animal Routine


Teacher Health Qigong – Five Animal Routine

The program is presented in 2 languages English and Mandarin

Payment Options:  1 Payment.of $112.50 or 2 months at $56.25 p/m

Merit: Leads to International Accreditation under IHQF

The practice of Five Animal Routine / Wu Qin Xi can be divided into two types: One emphasizes the physical exercise of the trunk and limbs to strengthen the bodily constitution. This is called  < external exercise > . The other emphasizes mental exercises which are supposed to imitate the spiritual activities and expressions of animals to stimulate mental activity this is called < internal exercise >. The former division can be further divided into two groups. The vigorous practice mainly for self-defense is called < five animal boxing > which can also be used for treating illness by means of pounding or massage. When performed gently and gracefully with the aim of strengthening the body constitution and improving the spiritual mood it is called < five animal dance >.



The Teachers Health Qigong Program with information professionally presented by the Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA) and the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF) in Beijing. The program is an online step-by-step technical pre-recorded tutorial program.

For Everyone. New To Qigong? No Worries We Teach Step-by-Step from Elementary to Advanced levels Experienced? We Have Access. You are able to access our Classical programs too!

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