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Calm The Emotions - Music CD

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Calm The Emotions - An Dun

Music for calming the strong emotions

CD + Usage Booklet (Mandarin + English)

PS: All our music is previously being loved, but is in excellent condition. Only 1 copy is available.

風潮音樂 Wind Music, formerly Wind Records is an independent record label based in New Taipei City, Taiwan specializing in traditional Taiwanese and Chinese music.

Length: 51.39 minutes

Based on the principles of Chinese medicine theory, Chinese medical psychosomatic music therapy. Utilizing the pentameter scale to motivate mutual interaction between Yin/Yang and the 5 elements. This collection is intended for those suffering from high blood pressure as well as high-risk group, high blood pressure, easily agitated, or early signs of high blood pressure. Clinical tests done at Heilongjiang provincial institute of Chinese medicine hospital, China revealed a high effectiveness rate when used in conjunction with medication.

Part 1

Part 2

The Harmony Music for Cultivating Health in the Seasons. Therapeutic Music of "The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine" Ours is a world of cycles like all of the myriad creatures of this Earth, humans have an inner cyclical nature, a biological clock, that regulates the functioning of organs, the flow of Qi. When our inner cycles are sympathetic to the cycles of the Universe around us, we feel healthier, we are more resistant to the physical and emotional irregularities that beset us, which we tend to think of as the "causes" of illness. But often we find ourselves living out of touch with these most basic of natural cycles.

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