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Harmony Within - Tai Chi for Healing - Workshop 1

Workshop 1: "*Jing, The Essence of Stillness"
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Workshop 1: "*Jing, The Essence of Stillness"

Discover Inner Strength: Unlocking *Jing Through Tai Chi Quan

Embark on a journey of self-discovery as we delve into the foundational concept of *Jing. In this workshop, experience the power of stillness within Tai Chi Quan, cultivating your inner essence for resilience and strength. Learn martial arts techniques rooted in *Jing, blending mindfulness for a holistic approach to healing.

*Jing, often described as stillness or essence, forms the core of this workshop. Participants will explore how harnessing Jing energy in Tai Chi Quan can enhance physical and mental resilience, providing a foundation for self-discovery and healing.

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