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Health Qigong Five Animal Play Workshop

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Explore & Discover Vitality: Join Our Health Qigong Five Animal Play Workshop - Wu Qin Xi!

Join our beginner-friendly Health Qigong Five Animal Play workshop - Wu Qin Xi! Dive into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine and learn ancient movements inspired by animals. Discover how each move connects to specific organs and why we do what we do for our health's sake. Train in-person with us to unlock inner vitality and holistic wellness. In just 5 hours of low-intensity exploration, boost your energy levels and enhance physical and mental well-being. Don't miss out on this enriching experience!


Amanda Lan - 7th Dan Kung Fu Coach, 4th Dan Technical Health Qigong Coach, Beijing China. BRICS facilitator SA, Vice President SAHQA

Where: The Landing 5th Flr 20 Lower Burg Str Cape Town

Join our tribe - SA Health Qigong Association

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