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Hypertension Release

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Hypertension Release - Music CD + Booklet

CD + Usage Booklet (Mandarin + English)

PS: All our music is previously loved, but is in excellent condition. Only 1 copy is available.

風潮音樂 Wind Music, formerly Wind Records is an independent record label based in New Taipei City, Taiwan specializing in traditional Taiwanese and Chinese music.

Length: 48.47 minutes

Based on the principles of Chinese medicine theory, Chinese medical psychosomatic music therapy. Utilizing the pentameter scale to motivate mutual interaction between Yin/Yang and the 5 elements. This collection is intended for those suffering from high blood pressure as well as high-risk group, with high blood pressure, easily agitated, or early signs of high blood pressure. Clinical tests done at Heilongjiang Province Institute of Chinese Medicine Hospital, China revealed a high effectiveness rate when used in conjunction with medication.

Section 1 - For Excessive Yang of the Liver

Section 2 - For Insufficient Yin in the Liver and Kidney

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