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Tai Chi Teacher Program


Tai Chi

Classical Yang Tai Chi Quan Program

Self-Paced Online Teacher Certification Program

Advanced Tai Chi Quan and in-depth theoretical studies. The program is divided into Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, with each level requiring 200 hours of practice.


It is advisable to start from Elementary (200 hours), Intermediate (200 hours), and Advanced (200 hours), the entire program levels total hours covered (600 hours).


About Yang Tai Chi Quan

Classical Yang Tai Chi Quan is an online program that focuses on Tai Chi and its associated philosophy. This program emphasizes the concept of “1 Mind Body Fitness Life Preservation,” which is a holistic approach to well-being. It combines the wisdom of Chinese Medicine with teachings from Kung Fu. The primary goal is to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit to help individuals achieve optimal health, longevity, and a balanced and fulfilling life.

Difference Between Student & Teacher Training Programs

The two programs, the teacher’s program and the students’ program share the same foundational principles and course content centered around Yang Tai Chi Quan. However, they differ in their depth and requirements:

Shared Principles and Content: Both programs are built on the principles of Yang Tai Chi Quan, focusing on vitality enhancement, longevity promotion, and unlocking dormant healing potential. They cover a comprehensive approach to well-being, encompassing physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects.

Teacher Training Program

Teacher’s Program: This program offers more advanced Yang Tai Chi Quan patterns and in-depth theoretical studies. It necessitates a minimum commitment of 200 hours of rigorous self-paced practice and training for each series within the program. The program is divided into Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, with each level requiring 200 hours of practice.

Progression Assessment

Progression Assessment: Upon completing each level of achievement in the teacher’s program, participants have the opportunity for higher skill and ability progression assessment. This assessment involves trainee coaches submitting video recordings at the end of each level of practice, allowing for feedback and evaluation.

Tailored for Live Teachers

Tailored for Live Teachers: Both programs are specifically designed for live teachers who have pre-registered for webinar access. This means that the content and structure of the courses are intended to meet the needs and interests of individuals who are actively teaching or interested in teaching Yang Tai Chi Quan.

Learning Overview

In summary, while both programs share the same foundational principles of Yang Tai Chi Quan and offer comprehensive training in vitality enhancement and well-being, the teacher’s program delves deeper into advanced practices and theory and includes rigorous self-paced practice requirements. The trainee coach program provides a pathway for those in the teacher’s program to assess and further develop their skills through video submissions. Both programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of live teachers.

Your Hours and Credentials

600hrs is split into 3 Series of 200hrs each.

  1. Elementary Duan 1 – Junior Instructor
  2. Intermediate Duan 2 – Intermediate Instructor
  3. Advanced Duan 3 – Senior Instructor (optional)

Option to continue with an additional 3 Advanced Series of 600hrs of 200hrs each.

  1. Advanced Senior Duan 4 – Advanced Senior Instructor
  2. Advanced Senior Duan 5 – Advanced Senior Instructor
  3. Advanced Senior Duan 6 – Advanced Senior Instructor

Why teach Yang Tai Chi Quan?

Caters to aspiring healers, movement practitioners, health professionals

The online course that focuses on teaching Yang Tai Chi Quan to aspiring healers, movement practitioners, and health professionals offers a wide range of benefits from both the teacher and client perspectives, particularly when it comes to other exercises and women’s wellness. Here’s a detailed overview of these benefits:

Benefits for Aspiring Healers, Movement Practitioners, and Health Professional

Comprehensive Training: The course provides a comprehensive understanding of Yang Tai Chi Quan, including its history, principles, forms, and applications. This knowledge equips aspiring healers and health professionals with a holistic approach to wellness.

Integration with Other Modalities:

For health professionals, integrating Yang Tai Chi Quan into their practice enhances the effectiveness of other healing modalities. It complements traditional medicine or other therapies they may offer, allowing for a more holistic approach to patient care.

Stress Reduction and Mind-Body Connection:

Learning Tai Chi promotes stress reduction and helps practitioners develop a deep mind-body connection. This skill can be valuable for movement practitioners and aspiring healers looking to promote relaxation and well-being in their clients.

Improved Posture and Balance:

Tai Chi emphasizes proper body alignment and balance, which can benefit movement practitioners seeking to enhance their clients’ posture and physical coordination.

Women's Wellness:

The course likely includes specialized content on how Tai Chi can address women’s wellness concerns. This can be particularly beneficial for health professionals working with female clients dealing with issues like hormonal balance, stress, and postural problems.


Tai Chi is suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. This adaptability allows healers, movement practitioners, and health professionals to work with a diverse range of clients, making their services more inclusive.

Benefits for Clients:

Improved Physical Health: Clients can experience improved physical health through regular practice of Yang Tai Chi Quan. This includes enhanced flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular health..

Stress Reduction:

Tai Chi is renowned for its stress-reduction benefits. Clients can learn relaxation techniques that help them manage stress and anxiety more effectively.

Better Balance and Posture:

Tai Chi’s focus on balance and posture can lead to better body alignment and reduced risk of falls, making it particularly valuable for older individuals.

Mindfulness and Mental Health:

Tai Chi cultivates mindfulness and mental clarity, which can benefit clients dealing with mental health challenges like depression or anxiety.

Community and Support:

Clients participating in a Tai Chi class often become part of a supportive community, providing social benefits and a sense of belonging.

Women's Wellness:

Female clients can experience specific benefits related to hormonal balance, improved energy levels, and enhanced well-being through Tai Chi practice.

Personal Growth:

Tai Chi fosters personal growth by encouraging self-awareness, self-discipline, and a sense of inner calm. Clients may find it a fulfilling and empowering practice.

In summary, this online course provides aspiring healers, movement practitioners, and health professionals with a valuable tool to enhance their services and promote holistic well-being. Clients, in turn, benefit from improved physical and mental health, stress reduction, and the opportunity to be part of a supportive community. The focus on women’s wellness and adaptability makes it a versatile and inclusive practice for both practitioners and their clients.



Classical Yang Style Tai Chi Quan

Learning to progress efficiently

1. Follow the program step by step to achieve maximum results and benefits.

2. Pay a lot of attention to the basics foundation, do not rush in learning.

3. Empty your cup each day(allow daily change to happen without emotional attachment to progress and achievement) when training

6 Part Series

200 Hours Per Series (2.5hrs per day for 6 mths)

Compulsory Series @ 3 Months

Elementary – Junior Duan 1

Intermediate – Intermediate Duan 2

Advanced – Senior Duan 3

Optional Series @ 3 Months

Advanced – Advanced Senior Duan 4

Advanced – Advanced Senior Duan 5

Advanced – Advanced Senior Duan 6

Topic Syllabus

Students cover fewer topics. 

Duan 1

Technicalities Pre Warm-Up

Lossen Tendons

Posture Alignment Fundamentals

Bone Marrow Washing Routines

Posture Alignment Standing (Zhan Zhuang Posture)

Zhan Zhuang 1 to 7, Gather, Collect, Issue

Legs foundations

Legs exercises

Full and Empty applications

4 Cardinal directions

4 Diagonal Directions

The Five Elements Sequence

The Yang Tai Chi Short Form

Elementary Philosophy Theory:

Ten Essences of Tai Chi

Song of the 13 Postures

Taiji Commentaries Level 1


Junior Instructor

Duan 2

Single Tui Shou

Double Tui Shou – Sensitivity; Yield, Adhere

Pong Lu Ji An (Eight Corners) – Ward Off, Rollback, Press, Push


Drill on Brush Knee, Repulse Monkey, and Waving Clouds

Review Short Form

Balance & Sensitivity  Workout, eg. Soft Touch

1st Long Sword

Taiji Long-Form Part 1

Tui Shou Level 3

Da Lu Level 2 – With Partner

Step Rooting

1st Sanshou Routine/Form

1st long sword  routine/form

Intermediate Philosophy Theory:

Theory, Philosophy, Principles Of Taiji

Taiji Commentaries Level 2

Teaching Methods


Intermediate Instructor

Duan 3

Long-Form – Complete

Double Tui Shou – Attack, Counter Attack

Third Level Tui Shou


Step Rooting

Dantian Pushing

Two-Person Balance Training

1st Long Sword – In-Depth Sword & Jing

2nd Long Sword

Long-Form Part 2

2nd Sanshou Routine/Form

1st & 2nd Sanshou Application

1st Taiji Broadsword

Free Sparring

Step Rooting

Moving Tuishou

Advance Fajing

Tui Shou Level -3 Combined

Da Lu Level 4 – Skill Fighting Techniques

Advanced Philosophy Theory:

Theory, Philosophy, Principles of Taiji

Taiji Commentaries Level 3

Fajing interpretation

Teaching Methods


Senior Instructor

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