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The 4 Health Qigong Series for Coaches

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"The 4 Health Qigong Series for Coaches" by SA Health Qigong Association

Join SA Health Qigong Association's Refresher Program for coaches! Train in-person and fast-track your skills with our 3-hour catch-up session on all 4 Health Qigong routines. Choose a day, allocate 3 hours. Stay updated with international standards and protocols. Elevate your coaching expertise today!

NB: SAHQA Coach Subscribers will obtain members discount coupon alongside the current 10% discount if booking a few day's attendance

Dr. Jeff Lan - 9th Dan Kung Fu Coach, 6th Dan Technical Health Qigong Coach, Beijing China. President SAHQA

Amanda Lan - 7th Dan Kung Fu Coach, 4th Dan Technical Health Qigong Coach, Beijing China. BRICS facilitator SA, Vice President SAHQA

Where: The Landing 5th Flr 20 Lower Burg Str Cape Town

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