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1MindBodyFitness is Self Care

Tai Chi & Qigong Online

Daoist Medicine and Martial Arts Evolved

Easy Access Simplified!

What is 1MindBodyFitness?

We didn’t invent the wheel; we simply made life simpler and user-friendly.

1Mind Body Fitness Enhances Your Quality Of Life.

Enrich Daily Lifestyle With Longevity & Vitality. 

Authentic Wisdom & Knowledge for a New Age.

Put in a Useful And Approachable Way.

Optimal Benefit,

Simple Strategies Broken Down Into Actionable Insights.

Enrich Vitality
Nourish Life Enhancement
Prevention Medicine




Training options Face-to-Face, Live Online, Self-Paced

Tai Chi & Qigong Classics

Tai Chi Quan

Tai Chi Quan should be applied to everything you do throughout your life to keep a balance of Yin and Yang and Quan.

Cosmic Healing Qigong

Mental Health Qigong. To achieve faster results, Dr. Jeff Lan created the Cosmic Healing Way Daoist Qigong & Meditation.

Health Qigong

Health Qigong is a simple easy-to-learn style of Qigong that includes old-school classics to modern-day adaptations.

Martial Art Therapy

Significant features are centered on Daoist healing and teachings. TuiNa treatments are part of Chinese medical methodology.

Be A Coach

View our Community Give Back Project. All coach/teacher programs are accompanied by live immersion sessions to discuss and analyze technical details and experiences of address.


Self-paced online courses. View all our membership or one-off purchases.

Events, Workshops, Classes

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8 October 2022

Saturday 9 am to 14. oo pm









Our Reason For Being

1MindBodyFitness is a martial art concept that encompasses;

  • self-healing practice
  • refinement
  • homeostasis
  • movement
  • connectedness
  • grounding
  • mindfulness
  • extreme relaxation
  • forcelessness
  • mental focus & enhancement
  • guided lower dantien breathing
  • improve strength
  • balance
  • flexibility & agility
  • overall wellbeing

Tai Chi and Qigong are all at the foundation of 1Mind Body Fitness Self Care & Work-Life Programs.

Both connect and positively influence the body’s physical responses, alleviating stress and enhancing calm, body, and mental relaxation.

Implementing the “Keep the Mind in One” principles.

Daoist Medicine and Martial Arts Evolved

1Mind Body Fitness

Tai Chi & Qigong Classics


A Simplified Self Care Solution

  • Face-to-face tutoring,
  • workshops
  • online classes (online live when needed),
  • as well as live immersion video learning, incorporates exercises plus lectures
  • as well as tools for;
  • Self-healing,
  • stress reduction,
  • energy enhancement,
  • emotional balance,
  • vitality,
  • longevity,
  • and spiritual insight is all perks of this approach.

These programs, in a nutshell, integrate both theories with practice.

And… the ability to coexist in the human-nature relationship, and the ability to activate and render continuous health through simple yet natural activities.

Benefits Of 1MindBodyFitness

Self Assist Fitness Therapy is;

an experiential, integrative, easily adaptable system.

Current health, daily activities, wellness, work-life, and fitness regimes will benefit from the fundamental health assets exposed.

Self-Care and Extended Self-Care amplified.

  • User friendly.
  • No limitations.
  • Everybody is welcome.

Relaxation Response (Qigong) cuts health care costs. Harvard Team Finds 43% Reduction in Use of Health Care Services via Mind-Body InterventionThe study reveals how mind-body medicine could cut health care costs. The understated title of the open access article at PLoS from a Harvard University–Benson-Henry Institute mind-body team is “Relaxation Response and Resiliency Training and Its Effect on Healthcare Resource Utilization.”

Both the Instructor and the Client Benefit;

  • Increase muscle strength and flexibility
  • Improve lower back pain
  • Encourage blood circulation
  • Helps to combat stress and depression
  • Better functioning of internal organs,
  • beneficial to people suffering from Diabetes,
  • Heart Problems,
  • and Kidney problems
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Improvement of mental attitude and power of perception
  • as well as overall physical fitness
  • Improvement of the flexibility of joints, thus beneficial to people with Arthritis.
  • Reduce the loss of Calcium thus improve bone density, beneficial to people suffering from Osteoporosis
  • The cardiovascular and respiratory functions are markedly improved
  • Age gracefully like a fine wine

How To Train

How To Train A Simple Assist All too often all we need to do is slow down.The view becomes clear when we slow down.How Train With us at 1MindBodyFitness.How Train I really don’t think online learning is as good as live lessons? Being a ‘digital nomad’ in COVID-19...

New To Qigong? No Worries

Train As A Beginner Or Coach   Health Qigong is easy to access toward learning any form of Qigong It is well suited for individuals who struggle with finding a routine, have an overactive spirit, or mastering the combined action of meditation, breathwork, and...

Business Qigong

Qi Gong for Business Assist Within a short time, you are able to create greater joy and serenity and effectively achieve your goals to implement your vision.Obtain the ability to apply simple and practice-oriented exercises and integrate them into your day-to-day...

How to start Qigong

What is Qi Gong simplistically? Qi is internal energy, Gong is function or work. Action yet no intentional action - examples of this; the heart pumping, a seed germinating, a wound healing or blood flowing, contractions, etc. are all generated by Qi.Extract from the...


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