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Train Tai Chi Quan

Medication in motion. To maintain a balance between the two principles of Yin and Yang, and natural movement to integrate whole-body connect.

Classical Yang Tai Chi Quan

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Train Tai Chi Quan

Tai Chi Quan lessons embrace the 1 Mind Body Fitness Life Preservation idea. Overall, 1 Mind Body Fitness Life Preservation offers a comprehensive approach to well-being, combining Chinese Medicine’s wisdom with Kung Fu’s teachings. By harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit, individuals can cultivate optimal health, increase longevity, and achieve a balanced and fulfilling life. The practice of Tai Chi Quan trains you to maintain a balance between the two principles of Yin and Yang and Quan as Balance. The principles you learn in Tai Chi Quan should be applied to everything you do throughout your life. Ancient people practiced the Dao, also known as the Way of Living.


Natural Movement

Merge Mind, Body, Spirit Whole-Body Connect, Never Isolate.

The Practice

Teaches us to;

separate the Yin and Yang of the Body while in Motion

Within this stillness, it helps to harmonise Yin and Yang,

allows activation of the meridians and collaterals,

enhance the regulation and flow of Qi and blood circulation,

balance and stabilise the central equilibrium, 

works on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system,

relaxes the physical body,

defines and distinguishes between the principle of full and empty

allowing our whole gravity to drop down completely,

allows the sinking of Qi into the lower dantian/cauldron of life.

Preservation of Health

Every single person without exception has a desire to preserve his or her health.

“Many times an illness begins when one is unaware of an imbalance that has subtly begun. This allows a pathogen to accumulate and degenerate the body, progressing to the point where it penetrates the level of the bones and marrow. Health and well-being can be achieved only by remaining centered with one’s spirit, guarding against squandering one’s energy, maintaining the constant flow of one’s Qi and blood, and nourishing one’s self preventatively. This is the way to a long and happy life.”

*There are 2 main methods for converting Chinese into English characters are: Wade Giles – T’ai Chi Ch’uan & Ch’i Kung or Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung Pinyin – Taijiquan & Qigong or Taiji Quan and Qi Gong

Relaxation In Action

During our practice, we train our body to explore the dynamic balance between tension and relaxation.

It matters less which style we practice. The goal is to adjust our breathing patterns so that our body tells our brain that we are safe.

On the other hand, the tension in the brain exhausts a ton of energy — our brain is an extreme fuel-burning machine that if it is busy, our body won’t have much *精 Jing (ancestral/sexual essence) left to be stored in our organs.

These spaces are where Qì flows and where our consciousness is carried to ensuring a calm relaxation state; ensuring good health. Training beyond the reliance on weight, force, and speed.

It is the practice of the Dao/Tao, or`Way of Life’; understood as the pivotal principle of balance in action. The principle is *Wu-Wei-“effortless action”.

*Jīng (ChineseWade–Giles) is the Chinese word for “essence”, specifically kidney essence. Along with  and shén, it is considered one of the Three Treasures San jiao 三寶 of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM. Qi Gong and *Taiji help our brain relax, and it is proven that practicing Qi Gong and *Taiji it helps the body absorb more oxygen and allow more space between joints.


tai chi quan

Train Tai Chi Quan

Tai Chi Compared with Other Exercises

The body is designed in such a way that it only remains healthy if it is exercised. However, there are so many kinds of exercise from which to choose that it can become quite confus­ing, and it is difficult for anybody to know which is the most beneficial. Although they all differ in form and scale, most exercises have one thing in common – they never go beyond reliance on weight, force, and speed. You may learn how to move your limbs properly, but this doesn’t encourage harmony between movement and breathing. Tai Chi is different from other exercises, as all movements are performed in a relaxed way.

tai chi for women wellness

Why is Tai Chi Good For Women

Tai Chi is especially beneficial for women;

`Tai Chi is especially appropriate for women, whose physical condition is influenced by the condition of their blood.

Irregular menstruation foreshadows illness.

As blood is nor­mally tranquil, too strenuous activity can affect her circula­tion adversely.

Besides this, too much activity for a woman tends to over-stimulate her metabolism.

As far as a woman’s health is concerned, taking exercises that is too drastic, is as bad as taking no exercise at all.’


Tai Chi and womens wellness

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