Self Care Daoist Martial Art & Medicine Classics Evolved

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Self Care Daoist Martial Art & Medicine Classics Evolved.


Our Origins

Since the 1990s International Kim-Loong Wushu Centre (IKLWC) has been providing quality Martial Arts training and Chinese Medicine treatment. Founded by husband and wife team Jeff and Amanda Lan; later to be joined by son Jefferson Lan and daughter Anahita Lan. Over the years assisting 1000s of students and patients, through the integration of the science of Chinese Medicine into the ancient authentic classical knowledge systems of the Kung Fu Teachings. Offering a variety of styles such as Shaolin, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Qigong, Sanda. Working with international organizations to assist locals to international standards. The start of a journey of growth, collaboration, and development; with on-the-ground trial and error. Collaborative assistance from nationally and internationally associated and accredited Chinese medicine as well as martial art practitioners and institutions; allowed the navigation of regulatory adherence and protocols. Experience and time spent actively involved within community projects and training amplified the need for development locally.  Topics dealt with include treatment, diet, exercise, self-defense, meditation, coping skills for modern-day ailments, as well as lifestyle adjustment.

Meet Dr. Jeff Lan

Dr. Jeff Lan qualified is a registered acupuncture practitioner & doctor of Chinese medicine. Studied Chinese medicine and mentored by renowned martial arts and Chinese medicine teacher and practitioner, Dr. Lin Feng-Chao. Both playing key roles in legitimizing Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in South Africa. Furthered his studies with the Beijing Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture Institute, Beijing with honors. He undertakes a continuous study to this day. Excels in martial arts to balance the health perspective, certified 9th Dan World Organisations of Wushu KungFu Masters & honorary 6th dan Health Qigong technical 4th degree certified Instructor, Beijing, China. This assists with his ability to treat his patient on a deeper understanding and continue to heal once completing treatment sessions with him.  Teaching students authentic, classical lineage-based knowledge, he shared these “Secret Chinese Treasures” with an appreciative audience over many years. Dr./Shirfu Jeff Lan is a practitioner of Authentic ancient knowledge systems of Chinese Martial Arts and Medicine and runs workshops catering to as wide an audience as possible. Topics are broad-spectrum health and lifestyle management and deal with topics which include treatment, diet, exercise, meditation, and coping skills for modern-day ailments


Classics Scholar

Born of Chinese descent in Mauritius, Dr./Shirfu Jeff Lan is most revered in the field of Chinese medicine and martial arts to both students and patients of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Both respond to his training and treatment, based on classical methods and philosophies, with astounding results. He approaches the master to student lineage and its preservation from a unique angle. Dr. Jeff Lan’s skills are exemplified by the results of patients in attendance at this practice. He works alongside Western medicine and often collaborates with professionals within the medical fraternity. Patients are reassured that he will refer them to an alternate professional should a case not warrant the TCM approach. Treatment may sometimes go beyond mere diagnosis and acupuncture; he will consult clients in lifestyle balance, 5 element dietary needs as well as advising exercise plans according to clients’ current health and lifestyle approach. Client referrals account for most of his patients both locally and overseas and are exemplified by his publications in these fields of expertise. This assists with his ability to treat his patient on a deeper understanding and continue to heal once completing treatment sessions with him.


Developed and researched Integrated Ancient Chinese Healing Art over 20 years of research. Published Tui Na & De Da book & DVD along with a 2nd edition published later. Preserving ancient authentic Shaolin martial arts knowledge a book and DVD as published on the Tan Tui also referred to as the Twelve Spring Legs system inherited from his dragon style master. QE bracelet the brainchild of Dr. Jeff Lan* who spent years in research to develop a concept that encompasses the principles of Chinese medicine, philosophy, and exercise that does not advocate “miracle health” but rather allows the process of Inspiration toward health. Implementing his experiences achieved over the years while treating and training to effect this concept feng shui for the body & mind – Qi Equilibrium is born. Capturing the classical knowledge and unique treasures is one of few remaining classical teachers, Dr. Jeff Lan will ensure that this heritage is not lost to modernization and ignorance.


Active and Powerful Choices to Gain or Maintain an Optimal Level of Overall Health and Longevity.

Tai Chi & Qigong Self Care

Daoist Martial Art  & Medicine Evolved

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