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Qi Gong for Business Assist

Within a short time, you are able to create greater joy and serenity and effectively achieve your goals to implement your vision.

Obtain the ability to apply simple and practice-oriented exercises and integrate them into your day-to-day life.

Qi Gong for Business

What is it?

Business Qigong is a 1 mind body fitness concept for the choice of self-care. Self-care is a very active and powerful choice, to engage in the activities that are required to gain or maintain an optimal level of overall health and longevity. Assisting to help you create peace and strength effectively through relaxation, regeneration, and movement theory. Whether you are on a business trip or have a full day of meetings, the gentle exercises are quick to learn and easy to integrate into your schedule. They can be trained everywhere, are fun, and the first results are visible and felt in a very short time


“The slow, meditative, and flowing movements soothe and support the free energy flow in the body and release the effects of stress. If you exercise regularly, you will experience new energy, avoid fatigue and burnout, and find yourself fitter and more motivated in your job.”

Being resilient in times of crisis by learning how to be flexible and adapt to changes while remaining calm and focused. Work-Life Integration is an obtainable ability and not solely a skill. By adapting to your environment and the people in it, you are in a better position to find an effective way to guide a team to achieve specific goals.

Just 10 to 30 minutes of any form of Qigong is capable of lifting your mood and wellbeing. Regular practice not only improves your performance and stability, but you can also learn to focus on and reduce things like stage fright before important appointments or lectures.

Results obtainable: despite the high level of pressure, you are able to stay fresh and keep your nerves balanced, even in difficult situations. You will exude a sense of calm and be capable to manage situations. Your strengths will develop and expand as you continue to practice your few movements daily.

Whether all this remains as a desire or becomes a reality is entirely up to you.

Unlock the Power of Ancient Chinese Exercise and Transform Your Life!

The video is a follow and do tutorial. View our channel for more clips.

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Business Qigong can help with the ability to:

  • Manage crises and challenges
  • Maintain balance and increase energy levels
  • Accept changes and react positively
  • Be confident, motivated, and responsible
  • Maintain harmonious relationships with workers, management, and other stakeholders.
  • Keep calm and serene, even when chaos reigns around you
  • Improve your personal health and balance
  • Expand your sense of wellbeing to your surroundings
  • Meeting your values by being authentic and professional
  • Achieve a good integration of work, family, friends, and interests
  • Allow effective and sustainable regeneration of the body through daily, short phases of training.

The core of 1Mind Body Fitness is Tai Chi and Qigong to connect and positively influence the body’s physical responses, thereby decreasing stress toward a calm, body, and mental relaxation. Amplifying the principles of “Keep the Mind in One ©”

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